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It’s one of the best times of the year when the jump horses return from their holidays and return to work. Despite it being so hot the horses are being lightly exercised each day to help them build their strength and fitness for the new season (I know it starts straight after the last one ends but we still speak as though summer jumping doesn’t occur and the new season is still around the corner!)

A quieter summer in terms of runners but delighted with Double W’s two this time. He has now gone on his summer holidays so the baton remains in Kick On Dottie’s hands for the foreseeable future until the ‘winter’ horses are ready to run. Tayzar is most likely to be the first back on track as he came in earlier then the others.

The majority of the horses are back in and being ridden with a few more to start shortly. The last of the winter horses will come in next week and then it will be all systems go!

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